• Teen and sex and mexican

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    Teen and sex and mexican

    Along similar lines, more traditional gender role attitudes compared to less traditional attitudes may be associated with less positive pregnancy attitudes because of the importance of marianismo i. Given these negative implications, it is important to examine correlates, such as cultural orientations and attitudes toward teen pregnancy, of repeat pregnancy. Ninety-three percent of adolescents were in a romantic relationship with the baby's father when they became pregnant W1. Eligibility requirements were as follows: W2 interviews occurred approximately 1 year after W1, when adolescent mothers were

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    Teen and sex and mexican

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    Teen and sex and mexican

    Teen and sex and mexican

    Teen and sex and mexican

    Teen and sex and mexican

    Teen and sex and mexican

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      Finally, for Goal 3, given that we expected acculturated adolescents with positive pregnancy attitudes to have greater financial resources, support from their mothers, and a lower likelihood of using birth control at time of pregnancy, we also expected that this group of adolescents would be more likely experience a repeat pregnancy, and would report higher educational expectations and greater parenting efficacy than enculturated adolescents with less positive teen pregnancy attitudes.

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      The results indicated that enculturated pregnant adolescents had the least favorable attitudes toward teen pregnancy, and the lowest levels of family income, pregnancy intentions, pregnancy support, and educational expectations compared to acculturated and bicultural pregnant adolescents; acculturated adolescents with the highest family income and high levels of pregnancy support had the highest levels of parenting efficacy 10 months postpartum.

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      Method Participants The data came from the first W1 and second W2 waves of a larger longitudinal study of Mexican-origin adolescent mothers.

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