• Sex with cow udder and teets

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    Sex with cow udder and teets

    Simon absorbed it all. George explained in simple, mechanical terms what each piece of animal equipment was used for and the outcome. Bloody discharge as a sign that heat is ending. By the time we got back to the farm sheds the cattle herds had been rounded up and were milling around in a large fenced enclosure. Of course, most of the signs listed involve having a bunch of cows. So the time was approaching for us to have a little chat.

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    Sex with cow udder and teets

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    Sex with cow udder and teets

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    Sex with cow udder and teets

    Sex with cow udder and teets

    Sex with cow udder and teets

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    Sex with cow udder and teets

    Sex with cow udder and teets

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    Sex with cow udder and teets

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    1. Tygozshura says:

      The milk comes out of them. Further, the Pearson correlations between predicted breeding values of T and S with maternal WG indicated that animals with extremely large teats or pendulous udders may produce more milk, but that the calf may have trouble accessing it.

    2. Tygorr says:

      I must explain that Farmer George was a mine manager in his real life, a hunter in his fun life and a part time farmer in his spare time life. A mixed model was used for the multiple trait analysis of T, S, BW, WG, and YG, which included herd-year, month of calving, age of cow at calving, and sex of calf included only for BW, WG, and YG as systematic effects; regression on the percentage of Gelbvieh; and additive animal and maternal genetic of dam included only for BW and WG , maternal permanent environment included only for BW and WG , and residual as random effects.

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      We will be taking BP across the road to the hill up by the little cemetery where our farmer friend Skip is going to bring his bull to meet BP.

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      Now look over here. In order to facilitate this, George gave the foreman some unintelligible instructions, and waited for the next animal to reach the front.

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