• Sex scenes from the blue lagoon

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    Sex scenes from the blue lagoon

    Actual sex is only hinted at as characters, for example, roll off-camera and are next seen asleep and entwined. We see them successfully have and raise a child with no guidance and in near-total ignorance. Both Richard and Emmeline are seen a few times fully from the front, and they're frequently seen swimming naked with Richard's penis clearly visible. Stay up to date on new reviews. More advanced sexual behavior is also hinted at once when Emmeline is nursing their baby, and it's implied that Richard suckles the other breast. Most Viewed in Entertainment. An argument can be made, and at the time the movie was released it certainly was, that filming and showing children in the nude at all stages of development is inherently wrong, and those who feel that way should steer clear.

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    Sex scenes from the blue lagoon

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    Sex scenes from the blue lagoon

    Sex scenes from the blue lagoon

    Sex scenes from the blue lagoon

    Sex scenes from the blue lagoon

    Sex scenes from the blue lagoon

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    Sex scenes from the blue lagoon

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    Sex scenes from the blue lagoon

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      The parents' guide to what's in this movie. The apparent remnants of a ritual are briefly seen as an indistinct but small, bloody mass; Richard witnesses a human sacrifice, and although the killing's not shown directly, blood is shown spurting onto the executioner's face; stones flow with blood; a lot of blood is briefly shown in water and some is on Emmeline's hands when she gets her first period; bloody hands are briefly shown from rope burn.

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      There are several brief glimpses of blood and gore:

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      Filmed silently in by William Bowden, the inferentially salacious remake of starred year-old Jean Simmons.

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      Thankfully they are spared that protracted torrent of tripe. There are several brief glimpses of blood and gore:

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