• Sex education program with the retarded

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    Sex education program with the retarded

    Would it be ok for you to marry a. That is, if a subject scored high on the probes he or she would also score high on the 40 32 post-test. The students' were drawn out of the ongoing class session to an adjoining room and given the Intermittent Probe Test. The instructional and administrative staffs encountered fear and hostility among the parents. Sex education and the mental 1 y retarded. The first five items on the test determined the students' past experiences with sex education, their interest in the course, and their willingness to talk about sex.

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    Sex education program with the retarded

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    Sex education program with the retarded

    Sex education program with the retarded

    Sex education program with the retarded

    Sex education program with the retarded

    Before the hots let the retarder times visited the two tradition centers and two field workshops to become acqua inted with the scientists. Road Yes or No c. One night was else responsible for catering of each blind; however, the curious instructor could mature information if necessary.

    Sex education program with the retarded

    Sex education program with the retarded

    Sex education program with the retarded

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      Others were referred because of a need to develop appropriate marriage, social, groomlng, or hyglene skills. By September , eighteen subjects had dropped out of the program, leaving twenty-three as the total sample.

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      The data were interval in nature and appeared to be normally distributed.

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      Are you having any problems with sex?

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      Would you like to have children some day?

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