• People having less sex in america

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    People having less sex in america

    Studies have found that even stimulation without orgasm can reduce menstrual cramps, chronic back and leg pain, even migraines. Starting in , for instance, the Obama administration pushed colleges and universities to reduce sexual harassment and violence with a range of Title IX-inspired measures. For instance, people are having children later in life, which may make them too tired for sex. Hide Caption 1 of 10 Photos: Do I have more sex because I'm a happy person, or am I a happy person because I have more sex? Heightened attention to sexual assault on college campuses probably left its mark on dating and mating habits among students across the country.

    People having less sex in america

    People having less sex in america

    People having less sex in america

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    People having less sex in america

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    People having less sex in america

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      The supply side of the equation is solved, only demand remains a riddle.

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      Studies show that depression is one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction as well as loss of interest in sex.

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