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    Nbc report on princeton sex

    The PSRAI Demographic Tracking Survey is a short 10 minute nationally representative survey that asks about household composition including number of children, the age and sex of adult household members, the race and ethnicity of the respondent, the religion of the respondent and the total household income. PSRAI calculates the composite design effect for a sample of size n, with each case having a weight, wi as: The use of these weights in statistical analysis ensures that the demographic characteristics of the sample closely approximate the demographic characteristics of the national population. Weighting was accomplished using Sample Balancing, a special iterative sample weighting program that simultaneously balances the distributions of all variables using a statistical technique called the Deming Algorithm. While understandably some teens were a bit shy, these teens did not seem to be evasive or deceptive in their responses. The response rate estimates the fraction of all eligible respondents in the sample that were ultimately interviewed. In a wide range of situations, the adjusted standard error of a statistic should be calculated by multiplying the usual formula by the square root of the design effect vdeff. There were 59 teens that declined to participate after parental permission was granted. Advertise Project staff at PSRAI continued to listen to tapes of interviews of both sexually active and inactive teens throughout the field period in an effort to gauge how comfortable teens were talking about their experiences and viewpoints.

    Nbc report on princeton sex

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    Nbc report on princeton sex

    Nbc report on princeton sex

    Nbc report on princeton sex

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      If the teen respondent was not available, interviewers arranged a time to call back when the teen was likely to be at home.

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      The use of these weights in statistical analysis ensures that the demographic characteristics of the sample closely approximate the demographic characteristics of the national population. Questionnaire Monitoring During the first few weeks of the project, both the management of PDS and project staff at PSRAI listened to tapes of the interviews to make sure that the instrument was working as designed and to hear how teens were responding to the questions.

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      Analysis of respondent refusals Surveys conducted on potentially sensitive topics such as sexual health and activity always raise the concern that respondents differ in some systematic way from those that refuse to participate.

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      Effects of Sample Design on Statistical Inference Post-data collection statistical adjustments require analysis procedures that reflect departures from simple random sampling.

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