• How can you tell the sex of a cockatiel

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    How can you tell the sex of a cockatiel

    Be careful not to mark clutches of the same mutation with the same color, as this could cause confusion. Another thing is that in some mutations, such as the Lutino or the Pied, the males and females look almost exactly the same. The male's pelvic bones are closer together. Females are the ones that carry the eggs and need to do the larger job, so they are the ones to be charmed: A hen that sings! This information is offered for those of us who, as new bird owners, are still struggling with things that more experienced bird owners take for granted.

    How can you tell the sex of a cockatiel

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    How can you tell the sex of a cockatiel

    How can you tell the sex of a cockatiel

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    How can you tell the sex of a cockatiel

    How can you tell the sex of a cockatiel

    How can you tell the sex of a cockatiel

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    How can you tell the sex of a cockatiel

    How can you tell the sex of a cockatiel

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    1. Nik says:

      These same people claim some males retain their pearls for several molts and, depending on the extent of the pearling the underwing spots and tail bars may or may not have been present to begin with in either male or female.

    2. Mazukasa says:

      Likewise, perspective breeders most often must buy future stock at a young age, or be disappointed by waiting and finding no adult age breeders available or possibly another breeder's "problem" birds. Lastly, males have different habits than females.

    3. Mikinos says:

      Still, you can easily pick the typical female signs: But, they are actually one-month-old babies, and the one on the right is male.

    4. Tygobei says:

      Pieds unfortunately are the elusive exception to all "rules". Some males fledge with pelvic bones almost touching and remain so.

    5. Molmaran says:

      The same "tell-tale" colorations exist also in the Lutino Albino mutation, although so diluted that individual birds may need to be caught up to be examined under ideal lighting.

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