• Demented woman bloody messy sex

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    Demented woman bloody messy sex

    He frequently talked about breasts and penises, tried to solicit sex on the internet, and asked a year-old girl to have sex in front of his wife and children. He was observed seeking sex several times a day and masturbating. A SPECT scan showed asymmetric hypoperfusion in the right frontal and right temporal lobes with the most prominent changes in the inferomedial aspects of the right temporal lobe see Fig. When confronted with these behaviors and their emotional impact on his wife and children, he dismissed the significance of his sexual activity or the risk to his home and marriage. Her judgment was impaired. He began to actively seek sexual encounters at his residential facility where he would find female staff members, push them into rooms, and try to have sex with them. On past history, he had an episode of depression 20 years previously with manic behavior on instituting fluoxetine.

    Demented woman bloody messy sex

    Demented woman bloody messy sex

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    Demented woman bloody messy sex

    Demented woman bloody messy sex

    Demented woman bloody messy sex

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    Demented woman bloody messy sex

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    Demented woman bloody messy sex

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      This patient had bvFTD, especially affecting the right anterior temporal lobe.

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      The patient had decreased judgment and general disinhibition.

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