• Coconut oil as sex lubricant

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    Coconut oil as sex lubricant

    It usually retains all its ingredients. Cons of Coconut Oil as Lubricant Compatibility One of the largest downfalls to coconut oil based lube is its oil-based nature makes it incompatible with latex condoms. Made from the finest exotic palm trees from the Philippines, Viva Labs deliver on quality, pricing and value for money. Lube works by decreasing friction in your genitals. Refined coconut oil refers to deodorised coconut oil that has been treated chemically, and Sodium hydroxide added to prolong its shelf life. Vaginal lubrication can make penetration easier and reduces any friction or irritation. Coconut based lube, however, has a slower effect as compared to other lubes but eventually weakens the structure of the latex.

    Coconut oil as sex lubricant

    Coconut oil as sex lubricant

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    Coconut oil as sex lubricant

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    Coconut oil as sex lubricant

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    Coconut oil as sex lubricant

    Coconut oil as sex lubricant

    Coconut oil as sex lubricant

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    Coconut oil as sex lubricant

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    1. Mazucage says:

      You may end up cleaning up after longer than you anticipated.

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      Overview No matter the quality of your sex life, chances are it can be enhanced with a little lubrication.

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      It should be labeled as Organic - It means that the coconut used for the process were grown without using pesticides.

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      If you are sensitive to other lubes, try coconut oil.

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