• Bipolar feeling terrible hearing sex voices

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    Bipolar feeling terrible hearing sex voices

    They may also display inappropriate anger, or agitation, and even lash out and become violent in some cases. The term 'hypo' means "under", so the term "hypomanic" translates to "less than fully manic". People who are very manic are said to be experiencing a manic episode. Each end of this energy continuum can be considered to be a pole, or end point in the same way that the North and South Poles are the end points of the earth , hence the origin of the term "Bipolar" meaning, involving movement between two poles. A variety of symptoms are possible during a manic episode. Bipolar Disorder involves not so much a swing between happy and sad states, as it does a swing between high and low energy states. The inappropriate and out-of-control behavior characteristic of people experiencing a manic episode makes the costs associated with mania sometimes devastatingly high.

    Bipolar feeling terrible hearing sex voices

    Bipolar feeling terrible hearing sex voices

    Bipolar feeling terrible hearing sex voices

    Bipolar feeling terrible hearing sex voices

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      As bipolar moods shift from depressed to manic and back to depressed again, part of what is happening, according to this way of seeing things, is that there is a smooth shifting of the bipolar person's energy state moving up and down the energy continuum. Thus, the happy and sad moods that are thought to characterize mania and depression respectively are results of different energy states and not necessarily primary features of the disorder.

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